Monday, December 12, 2011

“She helped me find the help I needed to continue with my life.”

As I re-read my blog, I do find myself being a lot more knowledgeable about counseling in general but I can’t say I have advance much on the project. My November blog was quite sad; I wrote about how I was lacking something and that I thought it was motivation. I know the reason why I started this project and I thought that did the motive for me want to help other students at Chinquapin but I felt stuck. Now that December is here, I found my motivation again. I want to give back to my community, Chinquapin, by helping and building awareness about seeking help through counseling.

I know that in August I may have seem more enthusiastic about the project and that that enthusiasm has died down. But now, I have seen my progress and that has given me a little confidence boost and that has given me some motivation to continue fighting for a full-time counselor.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am stuck. I am suppose to give a presentation to the school about my project and what is motivating me to do my project, but I am having a problem getting the words out. I know what I want out of this project but I can't seem to be able to express what is driving me to do this project. I know I want to do the project but I am feeling a little dry. Dry in the sense of I am lacking something; I do not want to say that I am lacking enthusiam but I am surely lacking initiative, not because I don't want to the project but beacause I have hit a road block and I can't seem to go araound it.

Is anyone else feeling this way? How to express something you just feel and have the desire to do? Help.

Friday, November 11, 2011


This video doesn't have anything to do with my project but I like the style of TED-talk. I am doing a visual aid, will that shy away from making it as good as the one above?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not the type of Awareness I want

When I came across this image, I had to re-read it in order to realize that it wasn't a joke. I have mix feelings toward this sign; I am not ignorant in the subject that there are people who hit "rock bottom" and think that the only option is suicide. It bothers me to think that someone at Chinquapin could be going through something that could possibly result in harming themselves. The fact that this sign was in the bridge, in San Francisco, California, has made me realize that I care for the students and my friends that attend Chinquapin thus making it my responsibility to share my experience on how counseling has changed my life. Hopefully with that I can provide an option for my friends and family here at Chinquapin, but I disagree that putting up a sign like the one above is going to really help nor stop people from “hitting rock” bottom. I believe there are other means of getting this message across.

What do you think of this sign? Is it depressing or is it just me?

Friday, September 30, 2011

My goal and Why

Counseling is something, I think, everyone should consider, especially teenagers. One of the hardest years in one’s life is the “adolescence years”, especially the beginning. I remember when I turned fifteen, the hardest year yet. It was a major changing point in my life; I revaluated everything I had done. I realized that I wasn’t proud.
By the age of fifteen, I had done things that would burden me forever. I am eighteen years old and I still feel ashamed and stained because of my past. Ever since my counseling sessions, I have learned to let things go, to learn from my mistakes and to use my mistakes into something constructive and positive, a tool to be a better person. I never thought counseling would help so much, I always thought that only crazy people would be in need of a counseling session. I was ignorant. I want my peers to see that help is out there through counseling.
I my goal is to share my story and encourage people to see counseling as an extra helping hand in life. I also wish to modify Chinquapin’s counseling program into a full-time program.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to get the Point Across?

I am having a hard time coming up with ways to get people interested in going to a counseling session. I want to open myself up and put my story out there as an example as how counseling can help teens. I feel that method is the typical and standard way of trying to persuade someone to do something, when I my goal isn’t to persuade teens to go to counseling, but to reevaluate their life and ponder about instances when they thought there wasn’t help and that if new circumstances are brought up that counseling is an option for help.
Now that you understand one of my goals, any ideas on how to catch people’s attention and build awareness, that counseling is a great option to consider? Counseling can help when you think no one listens or feels the same way you do.