Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not the type of Awareness I want

When I came across this image, I had to re-read it in order to realize that it wasn't a joke. I have mix feelings toward this sign; I am not ignorant in the subject that there are people who hit "rock bottom" and think that the only option is suicide. It bothers me to think that someone at Chinquapin could be going through something that could possibly result in harming themselves. The fact that this sign was in the bridge, in San Francisco, California, has made me realize that I care for the students and my friends that attend Chinquapin thus making it my responsibility to share my experience on how counseling has changed my life. Hopefully with that I can provide an option for my friends and family here at Chinquapin, but I disagree that putting up a sign like the one above is going to really help nor stop people from “hitting rock” bottom. I believe there are other means of getting this message across.

What do you think of this sign? Is it depressing or is it just me?