Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3rd Meeting

The third meeting was on the 13th of February and we continued our talk about self-image, from last meeting, and we also started a new topic that revolves around what we believe in and how those beliefs shape who we are and affect our appearance and self esteem.
To wrap up our discussion of self image, we watched a Youtube video (Every Girl Is Beautiful / Self-Esteem PSA Video) and the point we wanted the girls to understand is that the group consists of young female adults but the girls in the video were too young. I wanted our group to see that there are little girls that are going through pressures that children shouldn't worry but unfortunately do. In or discussion, we talked about how we have younger siblings and how they look up to us. If we were to tell them, "Oh your beautiful just the way you are" while we go to the mirror and stare at our figure and say, "I'm so fat and ugly" we are really sending them the wrong message. The girls needed to understand that what they say and do affects the younger girls around them and that they should be role models of how to love oneself.

With the other video, (Every Teenager should see this)we did an activity. As we watched the video, I would pause it when anyone would want to discuss a particular advice. We found that we didn't all agree on the same thing but in the end we grew stronger as a group because we bonded.

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  1. It sounds like you are learning a lot. Thanks for sharing the links on the videos.