Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What do you want in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

In this meeting, Alejandra and I decided to talk about the topic: Relationships. We knew that this subject was going to be a difficult one to address, especially when it would come to have the girls try to share things with th rest of the group. We decided to try to start it off by watching the video (above) and asking the girls what they thought a good relationship should be? or what it has to have to function?(friendship or love relationship) They came up with a pretty good list but the one in particular we decision to focus on was, trust.
Alejandra shared a personal experience with the group and that got some of our girls to open up a little, but it did bring up our next topic, jealousy. We told the girls that feeling jealousy is normal and that jealousy isn't the reason a relationship fails, but how one responds to feeling jealous can. One example was, some girls start blaming themselves for things that their partner/friend is doing; they self-destruct. They start searching for flaws in themselves that would justify their partners behaivor when in reality, being jealous isn't letting (us) girls think rationally. Jealousy can lead to many things but we can decide what to do with those feelings. The advice we gave our girls was that if and when they become jealous that is does NOT mean that they should become some type of Sherlock Homles and start spying and stalking their partner, because that may end a relationship, but instead to turn that feeling into something constructive. Take the opportunity to re-evaluate the relationship and/or have a conversation about things that have led you to feel jealous. The key is communication.
To wrap the meeting up, we asked them to think about what makes someone ideal for you to form a relationship and to think if trust and loyalty was a priority?

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