Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to get the Point Across?

I am having a hard time coming up with ways to get people interested in going to a counseling session. I want to open myself up and put my story out there as an example as how counseling can help teens. I feel that method is the typical and standard way of trying to persuade someone to do something, when I my goal isn’t to persuade teens to go to counseling, but to reevaluate their life and ponder about instances when they thought there wasn’t help and that if new circumstances are brought up that counseling is an option for help.
Now that you understand one of my goals, any ideas on how to catch people’s attention and build awareness, that counseling is a great option to consider? Counseling can help when you think no one listens or feels the same way you do.

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  1. I agree with your idea: Counseling is good for teens who want and need it. However, rather than simply asking for ideas, what are your own ideas as to how to make counseling at Chinquapin more known? First I think you need to raise awareness about counseling at Chinquapin. I think most kids probably don't know that we have a counselor. But more than that you need to explain to kids the process, of getting a counselor. I for one know that there are no more times available to meet with the counselor because she is fully booked. How do you plan to get kids into counseling if there are no other times available? I also think that you should show us how counseling helped you, rather than just stating that it did. What type of situation did you go through, that you felt you needed more advice from a counselor? What made you seek out counseling? Give people a reason to want counseling and show them the positive effects counseling can have.