Friday, September 30, 2011

My goal and Why

Counseling is something, I think, everyone should consider, especially teenagers. One of the hardest years in one’s life is the “adolescence years”, especially the beginning. I remember when I turned fifteen, the hardest year yet. It was a major changing point in my life; I revaluated everything I had done. I realized that I wasn’t proud.
By the age of fifteen, I had done things that would burden me forever. I am eighteen years old and I still feel ashamed and stained because of my past. Ever since my counseling sessions, I have learned to let things go, to learn from my mistakes and to use my mistakes into something constructive and positive, a tool to be a better person. I never thought counseling would help so much, I always thought that only crazy people would be in need of a counseling session. I was ignorant. I want my peers to see that help is out there through counseling.
I my goal is to share my story and encourage people to see counseling as an extra helping hand in life. I also wish to modify Chinquapin’s counseling program into a full-time program.


  1. You are starting to clarify your purpose here. What would you need to do to make this happen?

    Also, have you found a TED Talk about your topic?

  2. Your idea is based on helping others with the power of counseling. I like this idea because you’re willing to share your past to help others in the future. When Susan and Ray introduced the senior project to us they mentioned that we should create a master piece by channeling our inner passion. This gives me a sense that your main passion is helping people. I hope everything work out for you and have fun with your project.

  3. I also thought that only crazy people needed counseling. I would think that only people with serious problems needed counseling because they could either harm themselves or others. I have learned that this isn’t true because any sane person could use the help of counseling. Counseling is a way to help out anyone with problems they have, not for crazy people who have serious problems.