Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am stuck. I am suppose to give a presentation to the school about my project and what is motivating me to do my project, but I am having a problem getting the words out. I know what I want out of this project but I can't seem to be able to express what is driving me to do this project. I know I want to do the project but I am feeling a little dry. Dry in the sense of I am lacking something; I do not want to say that I am lacking enthusiam but I am surely lacking initiative, not because I don't want to the project but beacause I have hit a road block and I can't seem to go araound it.

Is anyone else feeling this way? How to express something you just feel and have the desire to do? Help.


  1. I do feel the same way, but it's been more like I've been dropped out of an airplane and I'm just free falling. I have come to lose much of the interest I once had in the Senior Seminar. I honestly just feel like giving up, so be aware that you are not alone. However, I am still trying to do the work. As for your presentation since you want a support group, I think that the more personal you can make this the better. You should give an example to students that isn't to personal and that you wouldn't mind sharing. You want students find comfort from their friends, so show us how you've done it.

  2. Everyone gets this feeling every now and then, but it’s only temporary. Where’s that drive you had at the beginning of this project? Look deep within yourself and don’t make this a chore. Remember this has to be done and you will appreciate it and enjoy it more if you have fun with it. Honestly I get these feelings too, so like Eduardo said, “You’re not alone”, so dig deeper and rediscovery your inner passion.