Monday, December 12, 2011

“She helped me find the help I needed to continue with my life.”

As I re-read my blog, I do find myself being a lot more knowledgeable about counseling in general but I can’t say I have advance much on the project. My November blog was quite sad; I wrote about how I was lacking something and that I thought it was motivation. I know the reason why I started this project and I thought that did the motive for me want to help other students at Chinquapin but I felt stuck. Now that December is here, I found my motivation again. I want to give back to my community, Chinquapin, by helping and building awareness about seeking help through counseling.

I know that in August I may have seem more enthusiastic about the project and that that enthusiasm has died down. But now, I have seen my progress and that has given me a little confidence boost and that has given me some motivation to continue fighting for a full-time counselor.

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